Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soooo excited - who would have thought it!

So readers will know that this is not a craft blog.  I skip around and flirt with the world that is craft quite a lot and often have grand idea's but some how they don't seem to come to fruition?  Honestly I have no idea why? 
Am I too lazy? 
Do I think it is silly? 
Do I think I will turn into my Nana overnight? 

Erm... No, No and No
(hee hee well kinda yes to the last one but that is going to happen anyway right - and if my Nana is anything to go by - or my Grandma then bring it on I say - AMAZING/INSPIRING WOMEN!)

Today, however my creative tendancies have been tickled in quite a serious and unexpected way!  I am EXCITED and can't wait to look in more detail at the below book that has just plopped onto my doorstep!

A Rainbow of Stitches

I like small projects - I have learned with the crafts that I have started/tried/abandoned..that I am an instant gratification kinda gal.  Things I can do in a night or a week (if I can see progress) are great for me.  I clearly have the attention span of a small kitten! 


I have been looking online for a little while for little motif patterns for Cross Stitch which I can use for Cards, Gift Tags etc... I haven't been that lucky.  Then - last week MoonCalfMakes posted THIS POST.  I immediately and spontaneously visited amazon and delved into my pocketses and made a purchase. 

It is chock full of little designs, motifs and ideas that can be added to pretty much ANYTHING
(hubby better not sit still for too long)

Now I need to find some monies for some fine weave Aida/Linen so I can GET STARTED!


apple tree quilter said...

What size Aida/Linen are you looking for? I might be able to send it to you cheaper than you can buy it there. Let me know.

I love the kittens. I used to do counted-cross stitch when we lived in Germany. I have the required two boxes of re-wrapped flosses in numbered order. Don't use it much anymore unless I'm looking to embellish a pillow or quilt.

Clare said...

Hi Sharlene,
Now there is a question to which I do not know the answer. I would like some finer Aida - possible 20 or 28 count? But having not seen any for ages I really don't know. I would also like to try some on Linen as the effect is lovely. I will ask MoonCalf what she used as that was lovely?! Hmm vague? Me?

Vixbil said...

Go nan, Go nan, Go nan :-)

The Girl said...

Argh I so wanted this book too!! I will live vicariously through you. But you have to promise me to do the cats that are on the front cover of that book because I cannot stop thinking about them.

Clare said...

Aren't they cute - I think they are what swayed em. Watch this space :)

Diane said...

Can't wait to see what you make. xxxxx