Friday, August 28, 2009

How lucky are we??

:: 6pm decided to take a walk::
:: a lovely sunny evening - if a little windy ::
:: Climbed all over the rocks ::
:: think these guys has the same idea ::
:: this photo doesn't do it justice ::
as the title says - how lucky are we to live just around the corner from all THIS...sure beats TV

Monday, August 17, 2009

That Little Bit Greener...

I recently joined a group of people over at That Little Bit Greener - a great idea for a blog created by Emma & Rachel.
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This space has been setup to share tips and idea's for treading a little lighter on this earth. I have joined in my vein effort to get my butt in gear. They have something called TLBG Wednesday - where members blog about something related to recycling, reusing, reducing get the idea.

So today is Wednesday and my first official "post" for TLBG - Here goes...

What I do on a regular basis:
  • Use re-usable shopping bags
  • Recycle as much as I can - paper, plastic, glass, tins etc (more on that in another post)
  • Compost most food waste
  • Have energy saving light bulbs all over the house
A couple of things that I would like to work on:
  • Use more environmentally sound products around our home (paint etc is under investigation)
  • Use environmentally sound cleaning products and home remedies
Recent things that might make me "TLBG":

We recently purchased a new house and fulfilled our dream of moving to the seaside. We were lucky enough that it came with a much bigger garden. We are so pleased to have a greenhouse and an existing compost bin - however we needed a larger compost area. So in an effort to be "TLBG" hubby has been busy this week building a larger compost area....
And an added bonus - all the materials used were left behind by the previous house owners in the garage!...REuse too!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sore legs...

We have just got back from a VERY long walk...however that carvery at the end of it was delish!

The weather hasn't been too bad here today, in fact any hotter and the walk would have been a bit unbearable! We decided to walk from Penzance to Marizion (took about 1.25 hours) - to The Godolphin Hotel where they serve a Sunday Carvery. It was DELICIOUS.

The walk home was tougher, as legs were beginning to ache by then - but ice creams part way home certainly helped.

Yesterday, we decided to tidy up the side return of the house. This is where Mable will live when she comes to visit - Dad very kindly fixed a gate at the end just for this purpose whilst he was here.

We took out alot of the weeds (there were ALOT) and then Kenny dug it over and I painted the fence. There is something VERY satisfying about painting a fence - such instant gratification.

I am afraid I don't have a before pic - but here is what it looks like now:
This is actually just one end...but I couldn't get it all in!