Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden round robin

After a very dull Bank Holiday weekend, today the sun finally came out,  still in my PJ's, my camera and I went on a little tour around the garden/greenhouse as everything is growing!

Foxglove - the bee's are loving these

Strawbugs in the Greenhouse

Peas getting fatter - will any actually make it INTO the house this year (never mind a saucepan)

Spring Onions

Miniature Basil - so sweet and fragrant

Mini Cucumbers - these are a first for us so getting quite excited

Tom's in full flower - we have some small cherry ones and big beefy ones


Our very first apples - these are the Bramleys

More Strawbugs outside this time
 (a little experiment and the birds are loving them)

Our mass of Razzers - can't wait for these later in the summer/autumn
Hope you all had a lovely weekend

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Calling Bhav!

POST EDIT:  Bhav has now been traced and Dolly will be posted on Tuesday to her new owner Vibha!

OK so I have sent another email to my winner "Bhav". 

If i haven't heard anything by tomorrow morning UK Time, then I will draw another winner using Random.org

Watch this space!!!


Anybody out there?

What do I do?

I have emailed my winner, and announced it here, but NO RESPONSE?

We are supposed to get our prizes in the post by the 30th!  

Do I redraw?  How long do I wait?

Advice please!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

And the winner is.....

WOW - I am overwhelmed by the response I have had to my little giveaway!


This morning I let Random.org  choose the winner and that winner is:

This is Bhav with the comment:


I will email you ASAP to get mailing details and which name you would like embroidered!

THANKS to everyone who took part in the May Day Giveaway - it was FUN!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Giveaway Day!

So - we have reached the day and I am pleased to say that I have finished my item!!!!  This is the first time that I have participated and the first giveaway that I have done (eek!)

Ok so here is my item:
Dolly needing a home!

Closer view of friendly face

Close up of feet due to the cuteness of buttons
If anyone would like to give this doll a home, please leave me a comment by Midnight on the 25th May (Next Wednesday).  I'll pick the winner using random.org and put the doll in the post by the following Wednesday...oh and I am happy to ship her across the sea's so anyone can comment.

I am also willing to embroider a name of choice onto the doll's dress for the lucky winner 
(like I have done on previous dolls - see previous posts)

If you are not interested in my doll, then do go checkout Sew Mama Sew for a list of all the other lovely bloggers participating in the giveaway!  (although you might be some time)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little daunting...

A while ago I read a post over on Stash Avalanche... it was about May Giveaway Day held by Sew Mama Sew.  I have always loved the idea of Give-aways but not felt that I am crafty, accomplished or daring enough to hold one.

However, for some absurd reason I found myself signing up and then somehow chose to forget I ever did it!!  

So today, I have been sewing like a banshee (can you sew like a banshee??)... 
I am making another Doll to give away on Monday (although I am not sure who would want it?) 

I am a little nervous to say the least!

I don't even have any photo's to show you - as I have been busy cutting, sewing, stuffing, embroidering and worrying.  She is almost there...I just have her hair to do and some last minute flourishes.  I will offer to embroider a name of choice as I have done for the Twins.  

Oh and not only have I been cutting, sewing and stuffing ONE doll...but TWO, as I am also making one for a little girl called Grace!  Can't wait to get that one in the post next week sometime!

Watch this space on Monday when I need to post my Give Away!


I also baked my favourite cake (not that I needed to psych myself up or anything)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I decided the dollies needed a little somethin' somethin'...

They got their names embroidered

...and little collars/necklaces

...cute no?
So that is it...they are finished (promise)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Twins!

They're finished....really poor photo as late
Hopefully they will find their way to their new owners soon!

One for Jaime
Photo copyright to Marleyman

One for Millie
Photo Copyright to Marleyman
Happy Weekend

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sock Monkey take II

...although this chap looks distinctly Gorilla like 
(arms way longer than his body)

He has a little felt jacket

Making friends whilst climbing the sofa

Bless really didn't notice how short his little legs were....oh well
Next post will show both dollies finished ready for the girlies... I already have the fabric picked out for another one too


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is it just me or...

...do the blossoms seem INSANE this year.

We have two bushes/trees in our garden, both of which were here when we moved in.

Can you help identify them? 
They are both LOADED with blossoms at the moment and are so lovely, I would love to know what they are...

Pale pinky white blossoms


 They look similar (ish) but then what do I know?

Thanks in advance for ANY help you can provide...


Monday, May 2, 2011

Conquering my fear..

Over 3 years ago my lovely Nana gifted me a sewing machine.  It is a Singer 4525c and has been looming in a cupboard ever since.  It moved to Cornwall with us and took up residence in another cupboard just behind where I sit at my desk in the office.

Poor photo - it was so dull the other day - sorry
It has been calling... but I had the fear.  

Of what you ask?  

Um...not entirely sure?!  Messing it up?  

This week I conquered that fear...

I have been off all week and my friend's mum kindly gave us the pattern to a "Polly Anna" doll which she had made for her granddaughter this past Christmas. 
(it isn't formally called Polly Anna, but SJ calls her Dolly "Polly has a Dolly" and it morphed from there as we worked)

When I say pattern - I think we would be playing a little fast and loose with that term.  When I opened the envelope - this is what was inside...cut outs.  

A couple of phone calls later, and we knda had the idea of what to do and with SJ's model dolly by our side we preceeded to cut away at our chosen fabrics.  I decided to make 2 dolls (one for each of my twin nieces).

Work in Progress - this stage wasn't easy
Work area - do I look like I know what I am doing?
Little cap sleeves
The legs and little shoes
Little lace frill
Face and hair less

One finished - just the hair to do on the other one!
 I have to say I am pretty chuffed.  This is my first foray into sewing with a machine - it was exciting, scary and at times my nerves were shot!  
But look how cute she is!

I have a few finishing touches to do so will post the final photo of both Dolls once complete.

Oh and 'cos I couldn't leave my gorgeous Nephew out - I also attempted a Sock Monkey for him

Meet my first Sock Monkey (he is a little wonky in places)
Really bad photo again as it is nearly midnight and I have only just finished him!

So - haven't I been busy!?

Hope you guys all had a lovely few bank holidays. 
I have been off for some 10 days and am back to work tomorrow.