Monday, May 2, 2011

Conquering my fear..

Over 3 years ago my lovely Nana gifted me a sewing machine.  It is a Singer 4525c and has been looming in a cupboard ever since.  It moved to Cornwall with us and took up residence in another cupboard just behind where I sit at my desk in the office.

Poor photo - it was so dull the other day - sorry
It has been calling... but I had the fear.  

Of what you ask?  

Um...not entirely sure?!  Messing it up?  

This week I conquered that fear...

I have been off all week and my friend's mum kindly gave us the pattern to a "Polly Anna" doll which she had made for her granddaughter this past Christmas. 
(it isn't formally called Polly Anna, but SJ calls her Dolly "Polly has a Dolly" and it morphed from there as we worked)

When I say pattern - I think we would be playing a little fast and loose with that term.  When I opened the envelope - this is what was inside...cut outs.  

A couple of phone calls later, and we knda had the idea of what to do and with SJ's model dolly by our side we preceeded to cut away at our chosen fabrics.  I decided to make 2 dolls (one for each of my twin nieces).

Work in Progress - this stage wasn't easy
Work area - do I look like I know what I am doing?
Little cap sleeves
The legs and little shoes
Little lace frill
Face and hair less

One finished - just the hair to do on the other one!
 I have to say I am pretty chuffed.  This is my first foray into sewing with a machine - it was exciting, scary and at times my nerves were shot!  
But look how cute she is!

I have a few finishing touches to do so will post the final photo of both Dolls once complete.

Oh and 'cos I couldn't leave my gorgeous Nephew out - I also attempted a Sock Monkey for him

Meet my first Sock Monkey (he is a little wonky in places)
Really bad photo again as it is nearly midnight and I have only just finished him!

So - haven't I been busy!?

Hope you guys all had a lovely few bank holidays. 
I have been off for some 10 days and am back to work tomorrow.


apple tree quilter said...

Hooray for having the courage to plunge in!!! You did a lovely job with all of them. The kids will be thrilled. You are such a very good auntie!!!

Next up, a quilt, right?

Muscat Mitchells said...

I LOVE my sewing machine!! Singer also, not as all-singing-all-dancing as yours by the looks of it! Enjoy it! X

Diane said...

They are brilliant!! You did well !! xxxx

Nic's Notebook said...

Oh brill! I would love a sewing machine but they are so expensive for a decent one. Just bought a sewing book to teach myself the basics lol.. ;)

Vixbil said...

You've made me cry. They are just beautiful and the sock monkey is so cute too..... I love you Clarabell

Lucy said...

They're brilliant! I know what you mean though, I'm a tad scared mf my machine too! :)

Clare said...

@APQ - I think it will be some time before I can attempt a quilt and I have mum to do those!
@Natalie - it may have alot of buttons on it but a) I don't know what they all do and b) I haven't dared touch them yet!
@Diane - thanks!! :) I could do with some "sewing machine lessons!" lol
@Nic - Welcome - thanks for the comment!
@Vix - you will see them in "person" soon enough!
@Lucy - Welcome - thanks for the comment