Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little daunting...

A while ago I read a post over on Stash Avalanche... it was about May Giveaway Day held by Sew Mama Sew.  I have always loved the idea of Give-aways but not felt that I am crafty, accomplished or daring enough to hold one.

However, for some absurd reason I found myself signing up and then somehow chose to forget I ever did it!!  

So today, I have been sewing like a banshee (can you sew like a banshee??)... 
I am making another Doll to give away on Monday (although I am not sure who would want it?) 

I am a little nervous to say the least!

I don't even have any photo's to show you - as I have been busy cutting, sewing, stuffing, embroidering and worrying.  She is almost there...I just have her hair to do and some last minute flourishes.  I will offer to embroider a name of choice as I have done for the Twins.  

Oh and not only have I been cutting, sewing and stuffing ONE doll...but TWO, as I am also making one for a little girl called Grace!  Can't wait to get that one in the post next week sometime!

Watch this space on Monday when I need to post my Give Away!


I also baked my favourite cake (not that I needed to psych myself up or anything)


Bagladee said...

Dont be scared those Dolls are adorable and you will be fighting people off to enter :)

Big hugs
Em xxx

Clare said...

Thanks Emma - and watch this space as one of your stash fabrics has been put to good use!

Diane said...

Those dolls are great!! I love them. Did your book arrive safely? xxx

apple tree quilter said...

I'm with Em, you may have unwittingly started a new cottage industry! Love those dollies! I'm going to try a Pimms this afternoon as it is our first really warm day in two weeks. I also baked Ron a Strawberry-Rhubarb pie for dessert today. Not bad for a Sunday.

Clare said...

Diane - so sorry I meant to drop you an email on Friday...the books arrived and so have the cards - just LOVELY. THANK YOU!!
ATQ - Mmm Pimms, I hope you enjoy it! The pie also sounds YUM