Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Porch Makeover

Our latest little project has been to make our porch more welcoming (and to try to warm it up a bit). So, having had all new doors and windows installed last week - we decided to paint the porch and put down coconut matting. So we have gone from this (previous owners stuff - only original photo I had)
To This... pale blue to match the landing and stairs (can you tell we had some paint leftover)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A brighter outlook...

Work has been so busy of late - I feel like I have hardly seen the light of this morning, seeing the sun shining - we took a stroll down to the sea front to blow the cobwebs out! Sat back at my desk all rosy cheeked and wind swept did wonders for the brain cells!

It is a strange thing, how you can miss something so much after only doing it for a while? We moved to the sea side back in June '09 and since then have being walking a lot more than we EVER did before. Our first winter here, I have personally realised how I miss walking if we don't get out for a few days! Who'd have though it.

On that note - look at this....
Picture courtesy of the BBC Weather Page

Just look at all those lovely little suns!!! Note to self: Get out and go walking this weekend!!!

On another note: I made some YUMMY (even though I do say so myself) cookies yummy they are almost gone!!
Oat, Sultana, Choc Chip and Pecan Cookies

They look enormous in this photo but it is just an extreme close up I promise. I kind of used a mish mash of recipe's so wasn't entirely sure how they would turn out but both Mr Blogger and I agree they are on the keep list! Just the right combination of crunchy, chewy, sweet, salty, yumminess once requires in a cookie!

Happy Wednesday everyone!