Friday, February 27, 2009

This past week in short...

Saturday:  Went to a concert in London with hubby and friend (very good)
Sunday:  Drove to Cornwal ready for house hunting
Monday: Went to see FOUR houses.  Really liked ONE.  Put in an offer.  
Monday PM: Offer was declined
Tuesday:  That's that for now - will keep an eye out and go again in a few weeks.  Travel back from Cornwall
Wednesday PM: Hubby predicts we will hear from the agent before Saturday that they will accept our offer.  I find this incredibly hard to believe
Thursday 9am (ish): Agent phoned telling us that our offer was accepted
Thursday 9.15am:  I serioulsy burn the toast that was under the grill when the phone went... I went upstairs to tell hubby in my euphoria?!

Now need a bit more money - so definately need to sell both bikes (motorbikes)

Friday about 4.30:  Place freead for my bike
Friday 5.45: Man calls asking to come see bike, NOW.  Man drives up from Southampton
Friday 7.30:  Bike Sold, deposit paid, pickup arranged for next week!!!

Can you imgine the rollercoaster I have been on this week!.  But we have a HOUSE (provisionally)....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going going GONE!!

Just a short update tonight 'cos I think I am still in shock!!

Today we ACCEPTED AN OFFER! So OUR house is sold...we just need to find the new one now! this space

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


House Update: The house that we have had our eye on in Cornwall has sadly SOLD STC

......Insert WAILING here.......

I know that anything could happen, and I know it obviously wasn't meant to be, and I know there will be another better house out there for us...but for now, just right now I am so upset.

The upside? Last night was the first night for a few nights that I have woken myself up at about 4.15am only to start thinking about where all our furniture will go...last night I slept soundly.

On this end - we had had two more viewings and have another tomorrow...fingers crossed!? Then will have to start the search again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A quiet weekend.... ha!

One of the jobs we knew we needed to do was replaster a corner of the bathroom where we had a rather suspicious looking patch of blown plaster... Earlier in the week we had the work done - which then left us with a rather ugly bathroom :(

Our agent called in the week and has arranged another three viewings (the first of which was earlier today), so this kicked me into touch to get the bathroom decorated and looking presentable again.

This is what it looked like before (notice the offending corner above left of Bilbo's tail)Honestly, all that was holding up that corner was the wallpaper and paint...

So, after deciding to go a little more NEUTRAL (how many house selling programs have I watched recently) is the result:We matched the paper luckily, but the bright blue took FOUR coats of paint to cover...however it looks presentable now and the wall is no longer bulging!!

So - here is to another week of nail biting. One tomorrow and another on Weds booked in...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day...

So...they said it would snow last night and I didn't believe them!  You see, we haven't had "proper" snow for about 18 who would believe them?

However - this morning, we awoke to snow...and LOTS of it.

From out our Front Door (I love that there are not yet any footprints)

An icicle...

Outside the back door (Hubby cleared a small path for Bilbo)

My very favourite thing about the snow is the SOUND.  I know this sounds odd, but whenever it snows (a lot) everything is so peaceful (for a while at least).  Cars are rarely seen on the road and it is just so serene.

We have had about 12 inches (a foot) of snow...however there a reports that we could have the same again tomorrow!!!  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

P.S Well done to the Steelers who won a VERY GOOD game last night...just in case you wondered!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready for some football...

Despite living in the UK and hubby being Scottish - we are both fans of American Football.  Hubby's passion started through the humble Amiga (I think) with a game called Fourth & Inches by Sierra Games.  Little did he know that the team picked then (due to the logo being a rather nice arrowhead) would be the team he still supports each season today.   I know, I know - all you Americans can stop laughing....the Chiefs have not done that well of late, but once you pick a team that's it right?

So tonight we stay up till about 3am (I will try - can't promise anything) watch the Pittsburg Steelers play the first time Superbowl visitors the Arizona Cardinals.  Hmmm Go Cards!!  (Gotta route for the underdogs right??)

This weekend has been fun.  Friday afternoon I went to pick up an expectant Nephew to kidnap him for the weekend.  Sis and BiL wanted to paint his room and wanted him out the way for a surprise on Sunday.  We had fun making pancakes for breakfast on Saturday, going to a friends birthday party and generally having fun.  I have not long gotten back from driving him home - where I left a light sprinkling of snow in Kent...soon to be a lot more apparently????  We shall see tomorrow.

House Update: No offers, one possible visit from a builder next week to see if a toilet can be squeezed under the stairs to satisfy one potential buyer.... and on sneaking a peak at the "house I like" in Cornwall - it looks like no offers so far (but I am not keeping my hopes up I promise!??)  

I now confess to having woken up at 4.15am this morning...and proceeding to arrange all our furniture in the "new house" for about an hour or so...dangerous business.