Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Day...

So...they said it would snow last night and I didn't believe them!  You see, we haven't had "proper" snow for about 18 who would believe them?

However - this morning, we awoke to snow...and LOTS of it.

From out our Front Door (I love that there are not yet any footprints)

An icicle...

Outside the back door (Hubby cleared a small path for Bilbo)

My very favourite thing about the snow is the SOUND.  I know this sounds odd, but whenever it snows (a lot) everything is so peaceful (for a while at least).  Cars are rarely seen on the road and it is just so serene.

We have had about 12 inches (a foot) of snow...however there a reports that we could have the same again tomorrow!!!  We shall see what tomorrow brings!

P.S Well done to the Steelers who won a VERY GOOD game last night...just in case you wondered!


Living the Dream said...

wonderful piccies. When I spoke to Nan and Gramps this morning, Nan was like an excited child taking photos and saying how beautiful it all looked. Beautiful day here today but we are supposed to have snow at some stage. We'll see. Love you.

Vixbil said...

Great pix. Gotta love the new blog.

Ginny said...

Hi Clarabelle,
just found you... you have changed the blog. i agree ... the peaceful muffled 'sound' of snow is heaven.
Good luck with the house sale and in following your dream,
with love