Saturday, August 28, 2010

One more to go!

Been another busy few days (and more ahead my knees fear!). Work is now complete in the living room and we have almost finished putting it back together.

The floor complete - dance anyone?

The fireplace complete

The new porch door, and furniture back in

Another shot of the finished front room (you'll get bored soon)
A gratuitous shot of Bella - enjoying a bit of sun

The sofa all ready for cost evenings (typically the sun has been glorious the past few days)
The stairs - free of scary glass (handrail sat waiting to go up though LOL)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fireplace...

We have had a weekend of sanding, filling, more sanding, gas leak fixing (well that wasn't exactly us) and painting....LOTS of painting.

We now have paint on the ceiling and all the walls in the Front Room, as well as the fireplace uncovered for its first (draft) reveal... just imagine no rubbish in the way and skirting boards finished.
Most of the room is painted in a fairly neutral taupe (actually Natural Hessian to be precise) - but we chose to paint the chimney breast and alcoves in a mossy green (weirdly called "expectation") It looked VERY bold to begin with but I have quite fallen in love with it!
...and as an added bonus it sets the fireplace off nicely.

Still lots of furniture under covers, and cardboard on the floors, but we are getting there...

PS - what is it with names of Paint Colours... hours of amusement in B&Q laughing at paint names. Hmmm just me??

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lounge Floor Complete..

Still a little dusty...
No peeking at the fireplace still....
On the agenda this weekend: well it is our 11th Anniversary and I think we will be decorating...but what a gift!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Renovating again...

We have started the Lounge and Dining Room... This is a shot of the Entrance to the Dining Room from the Lounge before we moved in...
This is the Lounge - Note the Gas fire (didn't work and looked a bit scary)
This is the dining room...
After day one - this was the entrance way - all the thin scary glass has gone. The Laminate flooring is all up to reveal these delightful chequered tiles! Game of Chess anyone?
The fireplace and all the brickwork has gone - all chased out ready for the new fireplace! Hearth in too.
Skip ahead to Day Three and the floor is being laid... I do can't wait for the floor to be complete - LOVE IT. Still lots of decorating to be done - but that is our job!
More scary glass gone...
So - coming on nicely...