Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fireplace...

We have had a weekend of sanding, filling, more sanding, gas leak fixing (well that wasn't exactly us) and painting....LOTS of painting.

We now have paint on the ceiling and all the walls in the Front Room, as well as the fireplace uncovered for its first (draft) reveal... just imagine no rubbish in the way and skirting boards finished.
Most of the room is painted in a fairly neutral taupe (actually Natural Hessian to be precise) - but we chose to paint the chimney breast and alcoves in a mossy green (weirdly called "expectation") It looked VERY bold to begin with but I have quite fallen in love with it!
...and as an added bonus it sets the fireplace off nicely.

Still lots of furniture under covers, and cardboard on the floors, but we are getting there...

PS - what is it with names of Paint Colours... hours of amusement in B&Q laughing at paint names. Hmmm just me??


apple tree quilter said...

No I don't think it's just you about paint colors. I think some artsy person lets their mind go wandering and the result is paint color names.

Love the wall with the fireplace. Looks like it's right out of Architect's Digest, a professional interior design mag here.

Vixbil said...

LOVE IT, and why do they pick such stupid names for paint, I mean really expectation!!