Sunday, March 13, 2011

Azure Blue

No touch ups here....just look at the colour of that sea
We woke up to superb sunshine this morning.  The biggest and bluest skies we have seen in a long time.  We were up early (for us) and Kenny made some fresh Sausage Rolls and Eccles Cakes for our picnic. 

Spring board type rock...very scary

Also in our picnic were apples & cheese and hot coffee.  We walked in total about 6 miles we think  from Lands End to Gwennap Head - very up and down so my legs and butt are aching a little now.

Chough - Kenny managed to get quite close.
He was making such a lovely noise!

...and having a little scratch!
Wheatear - a bit blurry as this is incredibly zoomed and cropped (couldn't get close to these at all!)
What a day....we are so so lucky!


Living the Dream said...

So pleased you had a good day. Picnic sounds fab and the sea looks absolutely amazing. Love you Clarabelle. xxxx

apple tree quilter said...

Again, you are really making me envious! We had sunshine yesterday with great blue skies, but today overcast again! Can't wait for summer. Our spring usually lasts about two days between a snowstorm and 80 degree days.
Hazel, did you get my email about Tom in Japan?

Diane said...

Oh you are killing me Claire!!! I wish I was there - and a chough too!! Wow. xxxx

Clare said...

Oh dear - I am going to be banned from posting photo's soon for fear of making people jealous ;)
We might have had a nice day Sunday, but the rest of this week has been pretty grey...