Thursday, March 3, 2011

Postie goodness

Back in January I saw THIS POST on the blog of the very talented Bagladee.  Emma was posting about some pressies she had made for Christmas - iPhone covers in leather.  Now I don't own an iPhone - but I had just received a Kindle (love love love my Kindle, a whole post on it's own).  I had been looking for a cover for it, but most from Amazon are of the folding variety and for me they defeat the object of the kindle being such a delight to hold when reading!  Most of my reading happens either at home (don't really need a cover) or when I am away - so I wanted something to protect the screen when I slip it into my handbag (all manner of things can happen in ones handbag!)

So I swiftly contact Emma to see if she could "adapt" the iPhone cover to become a Kindle Cover.  I sent the dimensions etc and we had a few discussions about what I wanted on the front - we settled on a little row of beach huts - entirely Emma's idea and just PERFECT for me!
Kindle Cover #1 was received with great anticipation that swiftly turned to frustration as the Kindle wouldn't fit - it was just a little too tight :(  Try as I might I just could not get the Kindle to go in!  Very difficult to make a cover for a gadget you don't actually own!  Emma VERY kindly said to send it back and some additional measuring was done and Kindle Cover #2 was under way!  She also very kindly said she would make the first one into a little zip purse - YAY!

Well....I recieved Kindle Cover #2 today and IT IS PERFECT.

and here it is with its little zip purse (this just happens to fit my camera in perfectly)
It has already been on its first outing.  Today has been glorious sunshine so we decided to go for a picnic on the beach (perfect Kindle outing).  Marleyman had already made some Eccles Cakes this morning so they were packed along with some fresh coffee and off we went!  
Coffee and a Sausage roll on Newlyn Beach
 (Eccles cake was eaten after and quite without thought of a photo)
Honestly, I didn't think I would LOVE living here quite as much as I do!



Muscat Mitchells said...

You two are the vision of Domestic Godliness!! Love it!

Doesn't reading small print off what is fundamentally a computer screen play havoc with your eyes??

Hope you're well, hon. Hugs xxxx

Clare said...

Oh but it isn't a computer screen. I resisted because of that very reason - as I stare at a computer screen all day...but honestly it looks just like the page of a light! So if you want to read in the dark you need a light! FAB FAB FAB!
Glad hear you are safe hon - silly news readers!

apple tree quilter said...

Robbin just got a Kindle, too. She absolutely loves it. She's always been one to buy a book instead of waiting until it was available at the library. This is at least a little less expensive.

Clare, you are so very creative. Domestic Goddess, I'd say!

Vixbil said...

Soooooooooooo envious, it is just fab

Diane said...

Rub it in why don't you! xxxx

The Girl said...

That's so beautiful, man some people are so talented.

Very jealous of your kindle. Part of me rails against it but there's a much deeper secret part of me that knows that I'm just mad because I can't have one of my own!

Bagladee said...

Awww thanks ever so much Clare for posting it on your blog. I'm so pleased it fits :D

Beautiful photo by the sea, very envious ;)

Em x