Saturday, March 12, 2011

First little project from The Book

I have flicked through The Book several times now and the below heart jumped out at me each time.  I haven't done any cross stitch for a good while... so I think I would get something going to get me back into it.  That is why I love this book so much I think - that instant gratification thing! (well not quite instant but two short evenings work)

Excuse the crappy photo - the light is bad but I didn't want to wait!

This is worked on 18 count Aida, with a kind of dark raspberry colour (Anchor 1019)

I popped to Truro today, and managed to find some Linen (32 count) in a dark natural colour.  

Now - what shall I stitch next!


apple tree quilter said...

I absolutely love the heart. Can't wait to see your next project.

Living the Dream said...

What an amazing daughter I have. I am so very proud of you and love you lots. Like Sharlene, I can't wait to see the next project. I shall have to get that little book.

Clare said...

@Mum - you are lovely, but it is only a cross stitch! I am thinking the cat on the roof next?

The Girl said...

Oooh it's so pretty! I am trying to keep my jealousy levels to a minimum but it's difficult.