Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kestrel, Nature and I am off....

We went and sat on the rocks for lunch today... and look what turned up....he was quite close so a GREAT opportunity for photo's
He was hovering for a while - amazing site

Soaring - looking for his next morsel

He was eventually rewarded - sorry this is a little blurry but he flew past us with his lunch
(not sure why I am calling this bird a "he" ??)

Then we got home and nature was at work again in the greenhouse. A small bee had got caught in a spider's web.... he only actually has one leg caught, but it is caught good. As far as I know - he is still fighting.

Nature is an amazing thing - and to catch in on camera is one of hubby's favourite things

P.S I am off to Boston tomorrow - so see you when I get back


apple tree quilter said...

OOOOOOOOH, Boston in late June. Hot, humid and still wonderful. If you get a chance, try out the small Italian restaurants. Very southern Italian inspired. My brother lived for a time there while my sister-in-law was the office manager for a law firm. He's a carpenter and has always had his own business, so when they move, he just takes his business with him. They now live in North Carolina on the coast.

clarabelle said...

We are going for Italian on Friday night - meeting some friends there...