Saturday, June 12, 2010


:: I have done a little gardening...weeding to be precise! ::

We think those enormous plants are teasels - we didn't plant them.... any idea's?

:: We picked more of our lettuce ::

This is about the 4th week we have had fresh home picked lettuce, and we are loving it. Yes - I said WE, Kenny is even having some in his sandwiches. Time to sew some more I think

:: We admired our growing crops... Tomatoes ::

:: Green Beans ::

of the dwarf kind

:: Spring Onions, Chilli's, Sweet Peppers, Strawberries ::

(all in there somewhere)

:: Baking ::

Sour Cream Coffee cake

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Vixbil said...

Mmmmmmm I love the look of the cake!! Think you can send me some??????