Friday, June 18, 2010

If you go down to the Sea today...

We treated ourselves to fish and chips at Sennen Cove tonight...and we saw

:: A shark ::
...or two. They were quite far out, so pictures aren't that good but here is evidence.

We also saw:

:: Two pairs of Gannets ::
Diving for fish for their dinner too

:: One very small baby fox ::
On the side of the road - he quickly dove into the hedgerow so we couldn't get a photo

:: A Buzzard ::

Lots of life - which was lovely


Debbie said...

Wow! That was amazing... a shark!
Hope you are having a good time in your lovely garden!
How are the vegetables doing?


Pink Feather Paradise said...

and thats why i don't swim in the sea..... lol

sounds like a fantastic seaside trip..

x Alex

clarabelle said...

@Debbie: We are really enjoying our garden - yesterday was spent lazing on the lawn eating and drinking with friends - perfect. The veggies are doing well - we have been enjoying Lettuce for a good few weeks now. LOTS of Tom's on the way and Green Beans - and the Strawbs are nearly ready to pick!
@Alex: My thoughts too - I never did like swimming in the sea, but even more so since living here lol.
Such a privilege to be able to "pop" to somewhere like that for the evening