Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Garden round robin

After a very dull Bank Holiday weekend, today the sun finally came out,  still in my PJ's, my camera and I went on a little tour around the garden/greenhouse as everything is growing!

Foxglove - the bee's are loving these

Strawbugs in the Greenhouse

Peas getting fatter - will any actually make it INTO the house this year (never mind a saucepan)

Spring Onions

Miniature Basil - so sweet and fragrant

Mini Cucumbers - these are a first for us so getting quite excited

Tom's in full flower - we have some small cherry ones and big beefy ones


Our very first apples - these are the Bramleys

More Strawbugs outside this time
 (a little experiment and the birds are loving them)

Our mass of Razzers - can't wait for these later in the summer/autumn
Hope you all had a lovely weekend


Living the Dream said...

Oh yum, what a harvest you have. When did you say you were both coming over here. We are eating our golden raspberries at the moment, they are amazing!! Love you Clarabelle. xxxxx

apple tree quilter said...

You and your Mum's gardens are so far ahead of ours. Will be end of June before anything but lettuce is ready. I do envy you and plan for my next garden to be in a warmer clime!!!!!