Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Milkman do-over

I am not about to start bashing my local milkman... rather I am hoping I will see one for the first time!
Back in May of last year I registered with Milk&More to get our milk delivered in "proper milk bottles".  However things were NOT meant to be (see this post...and this one)

I was so fed up of seeing THIS in the kitchen (quite a large % of our recycling seems to be plastic milk bottles and it is one of the few things our door step recycling service does not take, so build up till we remember to take them to our local recycling centre)
Excuse the very unsophisticated and rather ugly recycling solution
Well, I am STILL FED UP with those plastic bottles so I am going to try again.  I have phoned Milk&More and discussed how unhappy I was with trying TWICE to get milk delivered.  They have very nicely called me back after investigation and assured me my service should go ahead with no problems

So hopefully I will see one of these on the doorstep tomorrow morning...
Image courtesy of Milk&More website
Fingers crossed....

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Diane said...

I did a post about my milkman recently. Ive never heard of Milk and More - ours is just a local farmer. Hope your milk arrives. xx