Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Milk Shortage...

It is official... we are "non deliverable". 

Anyone would think I lived up some back alley or out in the sticks...not just off the A30!!

On my THIRD attempt at getting milk delivered, STILL NO MILK! 

DairyCrest/Milk&More - you are offically RUBBISH

(at least in this area - I know people reading this have very good experiences with them, which is what introduced me to them in the first place.

I am so dissappointed - do I have to put up with those hideous plastic bottles forever. 

More investigation needed!


Gigibird said...

I'm sorry to hear you are having so much trouble getting milk delivered.
In my old house I used to have a milk man deliver every other day and to be honest I was relieved when we moved and I could stop....having old fashioned milk bottles in the fridge completely clogs the fridge up and he used to arrive late so if I went out the milk would sit in the sun....
However our council accepts plastic bottles in the recycling.

You were right it is a song thrush:)

Diane said...

What about asking your neighbours? I'm sure you must have a local farmer. xxx

apple tree quilter said...

Milk delivery here in the States is almost a lost art. I only know of one company in Denver which delivers and that's only to a very small area. When we had it delivered years ago, my only complaint was that in the winter, it usually froze before I could get it inside. Solved the problem with an insulated box. Maybe that would work for being out in the sun. Glass bottles here are an oddity. Even pickles come in plastic. We recycle, but I know of a lot of people who don't.

The Girl said...

I'd never heard of this Milk and More since you wrote this post and since then I've seen two of their milk floats.

Did you see BBC News this morning by any chance? They had some new milk bottles that are more recyclable than those plastic ones, they have cardboard outer-casing and plastic on the inside. I think they said they were prototypes with a view to making them permanent.

Jill said...

Just saw you blog about milk being delivered. Whereabouts do you live? I live on the edge of Devon and Cornwall and I know a lady that delivers organic milk, it is only once a week, but it is delicious! Just found your blog I am now going to read more of your posts!!

Clare said...

Hi everyone - thanks for the comments. Some developments...I have had a phone call from the Regional Ops manager - several phone calls actually and I am going to give them ONE MORE go. I am NOT going to blog about it till AFTER the fact though for fear of tempting fate.
@The Girl - hee hee, I read your tempting fate post and I think it is catching.
@Jill - I am all the way down in deepest Cornwall (nearly at Lands End) but thanks for visiting