Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 Big Garden Birdwatch

I was ready...

This is what I saw in my hour: 
(counts are the most at any ONE time in the garden - not total)

3 Blackbirds
4 collared doves
1 Song Thrush
2 Jackdaws
5 Starlings (goodness they do squabble)
7 Chaffinches
3 Magpies
1 Great Tit
1 Black Cap
9 Rooks
1 Grey Wagtail
1 Herring Gull

(just after my hour was up we had 5 Long Tailed Tits but those didn't count)


apple tree quilter said...

How very exciting! Here on the plains we are luck to see Morning Doves and sparrows this time of year. We did have a Barn Owl earlier in the year. He left his droppings full of mouse skeletons under our Elm tree. And there are all sizes of hawks and Canadian geese in the fields munching on what's left from the corn harvest. In the spring, we will have Killdeers, Robins and an occasional Blue Bird. I loved when Robbin lived in Kentucky because there were so many birds, no matter what season.

Vixbil said...

Wow that is loads....btw, did you ever get a milk delivery????