Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catch Up...

This week has been mad at work and I haven't felt like blogging.  So here are some pics to catch you up!

 It has been LOVELY sunny weather here in Cornwall all week.  Cold, but endless blue skies.  So we popped out a couple of lunch times to grab a breath of fresh air (and a coffee & pasty on one of the days)

 The sky in the evenings has had SO MANY colours.  PINK this evening

 The great garden clean up began today.  The whole garden seemed to be blanketed in deadness - leaves and general GUNK.  We filled the compost heap, and it is looking a lot tidier now we have a lovely home made layer of compost on the top!

 Came in and after a hot shower (it was cold cold cold out there) I baked some Banana Choc Chop muffins.  Slightly overdone :( but tasted yummy all the same

So.... that is about it.  I am now sat in front of the fire - the dinner is in the oven and I am about to pour myself a glass of wine!

Happy Weekend everyone!


Diane said...

I'm going to join you - Cheers!!! xxxx

Living the Dream said...

Lovely pics. Looks like you've had a good day. Baking, walking, coffee and pasty and coming back to a real fire, what could be better? Love you Clarabelle. xxx

noelle said...

Hi Clare, thanks for visiting my blog nice to meet you!!! Noelle in St Ives xx

Vixbil said...

Wow that pink sky is gorgeous

apple tree quilter said...

You sound SOOOOOOOOOO Nigella!!!!!

Love it!

W've had some pink skies, especially when the temp is below minus 10 degrees1