Friday, July 23, 2010

Not a bad place to stop for lunch...

It is due to rain this weekend... so this morning we decided to go for a walk and make the most of todays GLORIOUS sunshine.
Not a bad place to stop and have your lunch huh?

We are very very lucky.

It was a few miles to this secluded cove, a new walk to us heading out left from Cape Cornwall. There are LOTS of old mine shafts on the way - you really do need to stay on the paths.

We WILL be going back for sure.

Lots of butterflies were out today - not many of these wanted to stay in one place for very long though.


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Beautiful pictures and what fabulous views... keep your fingers crossed for me... I am hopefully booking a week at a 200 year old cottage at St Levan... I have just found out that a friend of mine owns it and rents it out... yay for making friends!

take care with those mine shafts! ;D

x Alex

apple tree quilter said...

You really know how to get to me! I'd always heard that Cornwall was beautiful and now I really regret not having made a visit there when we lived so close. Keep on sending the wonderful pix. Envy keeps th heart pumping, right?

clarabelle said...

@Alex - oh wow, that sounds wonderful...loving friends like that. Hope you have a LOVELY time - I will look out for some photo's I might recognize

@ATQ - As you already know I can't take credit for the photo's or the scenery - I just enjoy them both