Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A bowlful of RED and more Cupcakes

:: Not alot of words in this post ::

:: Freshly harvested Cherry Toms - just look at the colour of those beauties ::
Oh and they taste divine too

:: Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffins ::
... about to be eaten!

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Summer Blue said...

Oh my goodness, just caught up on your posts and I think you deserve to eat all of those delicious muffins!!
That's FANTASTIC news about both your father and your friend, I'm so pleased for you all, it must have been such a stressful time for everyone.
My friend who has just turned 30 has had breast cancer twice and the last time it had also spread to her lymph nodes...she beat it and now 2 years on she's a happy and healthy wonderful lady who I'm looking forward to coming here to stay next weekend with her husband and 2 young children.
Sending you lots of love.
P.S Go them all!!!!!