Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sunshine!... that has to be a morning in the garden then.

Since we moved down to Cornwall we have faced the challenge of COMPLETELY different soil to what we had in Hampshire... don't get me wrong, it is clearly fertile and good soil (by the taste of our local veggies) but it is full of clay here and digs up in CLUMPS... so we have been working over the winter to improve it - making our own compost (see earlier post). Now some of that lovely black stuff is ready - so we have put it to good use!

This is today's work.. Kenny had dug over this bed a few times before (back braking initially - so today we planted it up with plants which had been in the garden before and a few additions.

You can also just catch a glimpse of our shiny (cleaned) greenhouse which we inherited too! So far we have tomato, spring onion, pea, pepper and cress seedlings in clue what we are doing really but it's fun!

So there is the Greenhouse in close up. It has been completely dismantled, moved, new base, new foam insulation, new glass in some area's (actually acrylic) and new clips etc...oh and cleaned within an inch of it's life of course! (I can't take credit here - Kenny did it ALL)


apple tree quilter said...

You two have been very busy and with excellent results. Enjoy your labor! Have a wonderful Easter season. I understand your Mum will be there, or at least in England.

clarabelle said...

Hey - thanks. Mum is at Vicki's right now and then going to Nan's. They aren't venturing down this way on this trip (too far). However I do have the Thompson's arriving on Friday so can't WAIT for the that!

pebbledash said...

Happy Easter, Clare....hoping for at least some sunshine!
D xox