Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Something like Perfect...

We woke up on Saturday to GLORIOUS weather, we also both woke up early (for us). So - with the sun out we were in Lamorna Car Park by 9.30!

We hadn't done this walk before, but had come at it from the other direction a few times (if that makes sense). was TOUGH. The path has clearly been arroded over time and is perilously close the edge of the cliff. There are also MANY obstacles to be clambered, climbed and sometimes helped over... But the scenery is FANTASTIC. There was literally NO ONE about for most of the time - apart from the birds that were nesting in the little nooks on the side of the cliff.

We even found ourselves a seat (even if it was left there by a giant)

This is the view from our seat (from where we ate chocolate buttons)

When we arrived back at the Cove, it was 11.30 and the little cafe was open, so naturally we had to have a spot of brunch - lovely toasted teacakes and very good tea! (Translate very good into strong - as we like it)

....this is why we moved here


apple tree quilter said...

There you go again, making the rest of us envious!!! If we make it back to England, we will definitely want to see Cornwall. We visited friends in Yorkshire one Easter in the 80's. First of April was cold, wet and rainy. We went to Hadrian's Wall and decided that the Roman guards there would have had to be very strong, vital humans to have endured the winters.

Vixbil said...

wow gorg pix and what a fab walk

Living the Dream said...

It looks and sounds fantastic, especially having tea and teacakes with that view. Can't wait to see it all again. Love you Clarabelle

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Wow how utterly beautiful.