Monday, April 18, 2011



It is particularly high tide at the moment due to the full moon tonight...

We popped to Godrevy on a rather cloudy (but warmish) Friday last week for a quick coffee in between a crazy work schedule
Rather spectacular Waves crashing on the rocks
And Mr Seal popped up just off the rock we were sitting on to say "hi"
Then on Sunday, as the Sun was out - we decided to pop there again for a picnic

Turnstone picking through the Mussels
More great Waves...this time with a BLUE sky 
This was our view from our picnic spot!
I will never tire of being able to do this...just a couple of days difference and such different landscapes!



Diane said...

I would never tire of it either. Whenever I see a seal, its like the first time I have ever seen one!! I get so giddy. xxxxx

Clare said...

Me too - I get quite over excited like a little kid still!

summerfete said...

Lovely snaps.
I love spotting wildlife, its like getting something special yet free at the same time!

you know that me and Diane want to live in Cornwall dont you!


ps youre not a clare louise are you?

Clare said...

Hey Clare
I am well aware of Diane's desire to move to Cornwall :) - and now yours. We moved here just about 2 years ago and have not looked back.

I am not a Clare Louise, I am a Clare Elizabeth hee hee...of which I know THREE so those two seem to be the main Clare-middle name combo's!

Living the Dream said...

wish I was there