Friday, April 1, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like... Easter?

I have been working on these little Easter bags for my gorgeous Nephew and Twin Nieces who are coming to visit at Easter.

They came last year, and I made up a little Easter Egg hunt that took them hopping, walking backwards and whistling around the house looking for eggs!  They ended in the Greenhouse where the "big prize" was which for some reason they found hilarious. 

I wasn't planning on doing one this year (just hadn't really thought about it yet), but I have been informed by my sister that the "hunt" is all the kids are talking about!  It is funny the things children remember.  

So - I now have my thinking cap on for imaginative ways for the children to scramble around the house looking for egg shaped goodies - and I think the little bags above will be at the end filled with um...not sure yet.  I might try some little felt monsters!

We are also planning to go to the Easter Egg hunt at Trevano... weather permitting!

BUT - I have a little trip in between now and then.... PARIS!  

Too Excited

I leave you with a picture of our Camellia which has FINALLY come out!
Such a lovely burst of colour at this time of year


Vixbil said...

Gorgeous sewing and gorgeous flower!!!!
love you

Living the Dream said...

They are just lovely, well done. Lovely, lovely pictures. Love you Clarabelle. xxxx

Clare said...

I am getting a lot of LOVE today ;)

apple tree quilter said...

Love from Mom & Sis are just what you deserve. What a good Auntie you are! Love the bags and why shouldn't the kids remember a great egg hunt? Hope you have a great time in Paris and a great visit at Easter.