Monday, November 8, 2010

My first wrist warmers...

I am calling them wrist warmers as I would certainly be playing a little fast and loose with the words glove, mitten or even fingerless gloves - but I am giving them a go.  This all started with a trip to M&S with my mum where we saw these lovelies.  They were super soft, super snugly but also super expensive.  Now you can tell my brain has started to turn crafty when the next words out of my mouth were "that is crazy, they would be so easy to make!!"

So - next stop is my local knitting shop!  ... 45 mins later (quite what we were doing I don't know) - I purchased some King Cole Mirage 872!

The gloves didn't have thumb holes, or fingers.  Basically just a knitted square sewn up one side with a hole left where the thumb sticks out!  So here I go....I have started! 

I love how subtle these colours are...
I have done a few rows of rib at the bottom (my first RIB STITCH ever!)  and then plain stocking stitch.... I will finish off with a final few rows of RIB I think.... watch this space, it may take me a while


Petit Filoux said...

hihi!! Well it's looking good so far! Loving the colours as they build up, a lot more than on the actually ball of yarn, which is quite surprising!

Vixbil said...

Oooooooooooo look at you

clarabelle said...

@ Petit Filoux - the yarn looks a little brighter on this photo, it is quite lovely and muted. I also bought another Mirage one which is all different browns and creams (in anticipation of success eek)

@ Vix - I KNOW!

apple tree quilter said...

Okay, now we need a shot with your hand in the warmer. Sounds like loads of fun! I wore my scarf (again, thank you very much!) last weekend and literally had to hold on to it all morning. A couple of my "friends" took a great liking to it. Will have to watch them when they visit!!!!!

clarabelle said...

I have just finished sewing up the first one - so will take a pic soon (ish)... Glad everyone liked your scarf - I sent my friend one and she said she could have sold hers 5 times over in the school playground!?

A Bun Can Dance said...

What gorgeous colours in your yarn - the wrist warmers are going to be so very lovely!
Thank you for your kind comments over at mine, I really appreciate you celebrating our special news with us :-)
I'm still dancing !!!
Happy weekend,
Denise x

apple tree quilter said...

I'm planning on wearing it to my next quilt guild meeting. We have three ladies there who are nuts about purple. I may be taking my life in my hands. Looking forward to the pic of the wristies! Winter is officially here. It was only 18 F when we got up this morning! BRRRRRR