Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's not even Christmas yet...

I have very satisfyingly kicked my Christmas list's BUTT this weekend, all thanks to the world wide interweb!  I love virtual shopping - the crowds are so considerate and you don't have to queue for a coffee.  Don't get me wrong - I do like a spot of "real" Christmas shopping too - but I have seriously got Christmas more under control now after a little virtual retail therapy!  I am heading to Manchester to see Biffy Clyro in concert with a good buddy early December so I will definitely get my Christmas Shopping fix then (at the Shopping Gigantor that is the Trafford Centre).

This weekend we looked after our friend's little girl - she is SO adorable and was VERY VERY good - she should most certainly be on Santa's Nice list!  So when some of my hard earned Christmas loot arrived courtesy of Amazon on Saturday morning - the box was just too good (and BIG) to pass up...
Busy with the felt tips!
Hubby had to take a rear shot to get his handy work in (The Chimney)

Aren't the boxes always the best part at that age... ok ok - any age - we have fun too!!


apple tree quilter said...

I also love the internet at this time of year. A lot of big box stores have free shipping which just adds to the convenience.

Yes, cardboard boxes were the most inventive object. After my girls had completely played them to pieces, they would take them to our side yard and slide down the grass on them! I usually ended up throwing away very small pieces!!

clarabelle said...

Love it... what a way to recycle and reuse!