Sunday, September 5, 2010

Visitors & Knitting...

My Mum and Dad have been here for the past week - and luckily it has been LOVELY weather. Mum was desperate for a "paddle" in the sea - and we have managed it twice!!

We have had a lovely week - I have been working during the day, but we have managed a trip to Truro - with a lovely lunch, a couple of visits to the beach in the evenings, and some fish and chips on the sea front - what more do you need?

Yesterday Mum and I went into town for a bit of a mooch around (mainly to the knitting shop in town called Knit-Wits). They had just got a new yarn in called Can Can by Rico. It looks more like a mesh bias tape - but the lady showed us how to knit a lovely ruffle scarf... it looked easy enough (and you don't even need to cast on normally) so I took the plunge and bought two balls of it and have so far knitted about 3 feet!!! Here is a link to a YouTube video. I bought a lovely Teal colour, and loved the Charcoal Grey - unfortunately they didn't have any Grey left apart from the one they were using as a demo - they very graciously gave me £1 off if I was happy to take the already started one!!! (for me I would have added a £1 on to have got me started!!!!)

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apple tree quilter said...

What did Mom & Dad think of your recent remodelling? I'll bet they were suitably impressed!

I'm so glad you're able to spend time with them. I miss being able to do such things with Robbin and Hannah. When they are here, it seems like a whirlwind of activity, but I really miss it when they leave.