Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Randomness.... and THE SCARF!

So... here is the second scarf I have knitted with the Rico Can Can wool. The first was opened (with delight apparently) by my good friend Clare yesterday for her birthday - that one was Charcoal Grey!
:: A bowl of raspberries ~ freshly picked from our garden this evening as ready
for a dollop of ice cream ::
:: A cappuccino - in the cups Mum & Dad kindly bought for us for our anniversary ::

:: Perfect afternoon beverage ::

:: Kenny playing with his Macro lens again - Bilbo couldn't resist modelling ::
:: Happy Wednesday ::


Living the Dream said...

Brilliant photos. I particularly like Bilbo's feet. Love you Clarabelle

apple tree quilter said...

Great shots, all of them! Expecially liked the Cappuccino cups overflowing with goodness!