Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rest Day...BLAH

Am I the only one struggling with this, the first real weekend of the New Year!?  
It has felt a real blah day today - the decs were packed away on Monday which forced some housework.  Washing was caught up on during the nothing in particular to do (I say that - I can see from where I am sitting at least 3 things that need doing, but have no desire or inclination to do them)...see - BLAH.

 Must be time to just sit and chill with these guys.  

Cto5K Update - it is a rest day today.  
I have run 2 days in a row.  I came in yesterday feeling great - had a shower etc and sat down to work.  2 hours later I could barely get out of my chair!!!  I guess that is good?  The GOOD NEWS is that I don't feel half as bad today so I am hopeful I will feel fine tomorrow when I need to get back out there.  
Please don't let it rain tomorrow for fear I might be put off and I can't handle that so early on in this process!


Bagladee said...

Those two look very cosey :D bless them. I'm feeling Blah too must be first weekend blues.
Em xx

Living the Dream said...

I think we are all feeling a little BLAH! I think it is the anti-climax when you expect the new year to bring excitement, and really, it is just another day?? Well done with the running. Love you.