Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coincidence? Fate? Is someone trying to tell me something...

As I posted HERE a few weeks ago - I have signed up for my very first Race For Life

I have been meaning to take part for around 3 years now...but it is one of those things that I just haven't "got around to" until a few weeks ago, when I found out that one of my very good friends has Breast Cancer! This seemed to jolt me into action. So here I am trying to raise money like a loon and praying that my friend will get through the next few months....when


There I said it - They had come over from France just for 2 weeks over Easter and haven't left yet! He went to the docs for a few tests....and then a few more.... and finally the result. My dad has Prostate Cancer.

My Mum and Dad came to visit last week for a little R&R - and THANKFULLY while they were here we at least had SOME good news. He had a CT scan shortly before he came to visit to check on his kidneys - this seemed to really play on his mind (almost more than the Cancer Result). On Friday, we were at Godrevey Lighthouse eating pasties and enjoying the seaside when he got a call letting him know the CT Scan was ALL CLEAR.
This is my dad celebrating his results

So now we wait for a little bit...that is the worst bit huh - the WAITING! The next step is an MRI to check the Cancer hasn't spread anywhere else in his body (why is it you always spell Cancer with a capital "C")?? Then we will know the battle that lies ahead and he will be given the options for treatment.

On a purely personal note - this has been my first "big test" of living far away from my family. When we decided to move down to Cornwall - that was by biggest fear/worry. As most of you know, my parents live in France most of the time, so it is not like they are close, but at times like this I wish they were close.... in the same country would be nice! I also wish I lived closer to my sister - But then it does make the time we spend together all the more special.

So there we go - we have a tough few months ahead, but we will fight this....and so back to my Race for Life Race for EVERYONE that has been touched by Cancer Race for my friend who is battling HARD

...for my Dad who will need to do the same

...and for my Mother in Law who lost her battle several years ago.

I Race for YOU.

I know most of you are strangers to me...but if you can spare ANYTHING in sponsoring me - I have put a linky link on the right. My aim is to raise £250, but I at least want to get to £150 as then the wonderful and generous Company I work for will match my donations!


Living the Dream said...

I have to admit, I wish I was closer as well, but oh how we enjoy the holidays we spend with you. Thank you for last week. I love you very much. Love Moomin xxx

Vixbil said...

Love you too