Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TLBG Wednesday

...have I got the day right this time?

So this week we have been asked to blog about "Greener Cleaning". As you may have seen from my first TLBG post, this is something that I have been looking into a little.

I have to admit that I fear this might be my Green nemesis??. Like so many others I am addicted to the smell and feel and general fuzzy feeling many get of "clean" laundry. It is the one thing that people comment on quite regularly about me for some reason?? (should I be worried about this?) However, I am more than aware of being lulled into a false freshness? Just because something doesn't smell strongly of our pre-programmed version of "fresh laundry" doesn't mean it isn't clean right?

I have taken a BABY step (and please don't scream at your computer screens when you hear how very small my step is). I have just switched to Persil Small and Mighty. Now I know this isn't GREEN, but it uses FAR less packaging and enables me to wash pretty much everything on a VERY low cycle. (I told you it was a BABY step). I have tried eCover, but my brain just cannot seem to accept that unless my fresh laundered bed sheets smell a certain way that I am not going to get as good a nights sleep??

As for other area's of the house - I am MORE than happy to go a little further. I use eCover or METHOD cleaning products for a lot of things - Bathroom, Kitchen etc. I have just read about eCloths again (I have read about them before but never made the leap) so I think I might give them a try, as my duster and polish are still hanging around and I am SURE I can get rid of them?

One thing that I haven't managed to get rid of though is BLEACH? I am not the type of person to use this a lot? Rarely in fact - but I do still think it is good for toilets every now and then to bring the bowl up gleaming? Too much information??!

I will leave it there for fear of going on and on and on.... can you tell I have been thinking about this for a while?? I am off to scour the Internet for further uses of White Vinegar and Bicarb or Soda.... tra la la


Pink Feather Paradise said...

I do know what you mean but baby steps are fine... and I am sure with time you'll get there eventually... to be honest I am also taking tentative steps... but I would love to clear out my undersink cupboard and start fresh... but that nasty poundland sells such cheap cleaning products! ;D

take care

clarabelle said...

Hey Alex - Yes poundland and Wilkinsons make it all the more harder. And whilst I would also like a good clear out - the pound SIGNS just don't allow it. After reading some of the blogs though I think I will invest in some white vinegar and bicard soda...

Living the Dream said...

you are right about your washing. You know that when I take it back to France, I just love getting it out and it takes me straight back to you and brings a tear to my eye. I love you clarabelle.

Anonymous said...

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