Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Firstly - excuse the blog title... unfortunately whenever I now here the word Garlic I think of Peter Kay and his sketch about Garlic Bread...

Anyway - on to more important things. The lovely Emma is holding a Giveaway on her Bagladee Review site. It is a foody inspired giveaway so of course I just HAVE to enter. Kerrygold are giving away a hamper full of lots of goodies in conjunction with the launch of a new product: Garlic Butter (concept not so new - ready made a real winner). Apparently all I have to do is post a recipe using Garlic Butter - well that isn't difficult...

Homemade Chicken Kiev:
Chicken Breasts (how ever many you want to feed)
A little flour
One Egg

1. With a sharp knife make a slot or pocket in the THICKEST part of the Chicken Breast - try NOT to slide your knife too far in so that is pokes out the other end or you will lose all your lovely garlic butteryness in the cooking process)
2. Using a butter knife or spoon (or better your fingers) cram as much Garlic Butter as you can into the slot or pocket that you have just created
3. Now for the coating: put a little flour, the whisked egg and the breadcrumbs in three separate dishes. Now one after the other, dip and coat each chicken breast into first the FLOUR, then the EGG and then the breadcrumbs. (don't squeeze too hard or the garlic butter may escape!!!)

1. Shallow fry each chicken breast just until golden on each side (not to cook through just to seal)
Then place in the oven (pre heated to about 180c) for about 20 - 25 mins

I like to serve with New Potatoes and green beans. (the buttery juices that have escaped can be poured over the potatoes to serve!!


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Living the Dream said...

Oh! if only I could take the garlic, I love it but it doesn't like me as you know. Love you