Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland

The snow from Monday had almost gone yesterday and my trip to Manchester was looking favourable.  However - this morning we awoke to this:
Our Front Steps...
 and this...
Our back all the little cat prints and bird prints in the snow
 We live on quite a steep hill that turns around a corner at the top... needless to say I thought it wise to stay at home today.  I probably could have got out - but there was no telling how I would have got on and I am just not willing to take that risk!  We probably didn't see more than about 25 cars coming and going all day - as it just hasn't really stopped snowing!  One of those vehicles was a SNOW PLOUGH!  The buses certainly decided the give it a miss
So I borrowed the neighbours kids and we built a little snowman (he was actually about 4ft high)

I leave you with a pic of Bilbo warming himself by the fire!
Hope you are all keeping warm in this cold snap!

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Vixbil said...

The kids loved the pix of your snowman!!!!