Sunday, January 10, 2010

Too late to show a Christmas Present???

Redwings in the trees behind our house

Red Wing at dusk

Field Fare enjoying some Bread&Butter Pudding!

Redwing on the Lawn

Grey Wagtail

Field Fare... and I becoming a twitcher??

Chaffinches (lots of them around here)

And this is why they are Christmas Present. YAY


Vixbil said...

Mum was laughing about you becoming a twitcher
love you

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I need a bird table too! something with a roof so it keeps some of the snow off the food... and stops the crows and rooks stealing it all....

fabulous collection of birds and lovely photo's... all we seem to get are sparrows, starlings, blackbirds and crows..... and a couple of really evil looking Rooks!

X Alex

clarabelle said...

Hey Alex
We of course get seagulls, but luckily they don't seem bothered with what I put out. We have LOTS of rooks too but they seem to get fed else where!? Never had a garden big enough for a bird feeder before really (or too urban) so this is becoming a real treat!
Take Care

Living the Dream said...

Oh my daughter the twitcher!! How dad and I laugh but we love the idea because you are both involved with it and enjoying it so much. Dad and I are the same so it is good to compare the birds that you have and the ones we have here in France. I haven't seen Fieldfares here though as yet. I only wish we had Kenny here to take photos of ours, I can't get near enough and not having tele-photo lens, you can't see them. Anyway, keep enjoying. I love you.

apple tree quilter said...

Boy, are the pics wonderful. You're so lucky to have so many different types of birds in your yard. But we do have two pairs of doves who hang out and an owl who keeps the mice in check, an occassional woodpecker and that's the total, except for horrible starlings in the spring and grackles (who poop everywhere). In the fall, we see the whooping cranes go south overhead. You can actually hear them, even though the fly very high. Sounds like minature helicopters!

Briony May Smith said...

I love the Redwing on the lawn. :) My favourite.