Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blog Block...

Is that even a real thing - I just haven't felt like, been inspired to, seen the point in blogging recently. To be honest I don't even know what is changing my mind but here goes....am I really cut out for this?

:: Firstly...how do you like the new look? I decided that I have been away for so long that I should make a real change, and what better theme to have now that I officially live BY THE SEA!!

:: So YEP we moved! A month ago we actually fulfilled a dream of living by the Sea (a lot more on that in the next post)

:: SERIOUS BIT - I do miss being so close to my sister and my friends, and I know they feel it too - but now that we are here I can honestly say I think we have done the right thing, even only after a month! Living here is quite the loveliest thing.

:: We lost a much loved member of our small family - Gimli. She didn't make the move with us as got sick just a few weeks prior to the move. Very sad

:: We gained an ickle cheeky new member to our small family - Bella (more on her in another post)

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