Thursday, January 29, 2009

Welcome friends and strangers...

So - this is my new home.  I recently got rid of my first blog as I just felt like I had grown out of it.  I originally started it to work out how to use "blogger" so that I could assist my mum in setting her blog up.  After a while it just wasn't me - felt too much like I was trying to be someone I am not.  So this is my second attempt - I think I will be happier here!

News Update:
We have just put our house on the market - VERY scary time...well from my point of view anyway.  We have had about 4 viewings so far and our first 2nd viewing today...can I squeak here a little??

It is also a big decision as we are following our dream and moving to Cornwall.  With Mum and Dad in France following their own dream, it has prompted some thoughts on our part (ok mainly mine) to decide what we would really like to do....and what we want is to live by the sea! 
Photo taken by hubby on our last visit
So this blog will follow our adventure and aims to keep my family up to speed with the comings and goings... enjoy xx


Living the Dream said...

It is so good to have you back again. It makes me feel a little closer and I love to hear all your news. I love you. Moomin

apple tree quilter said...

Now that was quick. Did not expect to see you back on blog this soon.
I'm always so happy to hear about people, especially young people, going about achieving their dreams. I am very envious. Sharlene

pebbledash said...

And who can blame you for wanting to live by the sea in the BEST county in england! Of course, I'm not biased!! Really hope it works out for you. Which bit of Cornwall are you headed for? Good luck...
Diana x